PLEX Cards: An Exercise in Concept Design

Web School Factory 16 juin 2016 9 h 00 min - 18 h 15 min

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Andrés Lucero

· MA PRÉSENTATION (En Anglais) ·

The Playful Experiences (PLEX) framework is a categorization of 22 playful experiences based on previous theoretical work on pleasurable experiences, game experiences, emotions, elements of play, and the reasons why people play. Through its fine-grained understanding of playful experiences, it advances our inquiry into what makes for pleasurable experiences with interactive products. The PLEX framework has been put to practical use in design- and evaluation-related activities. From a design perspective, the PLEX Cards and the PLEX Design Patterns were created to communicate the 22 PLEX categories to people who wish to design for playfulness and to let them ponder the implications of their design choices, respectively. From an evaluation point of view, PLEX has been used as a checklist when assessing different aspects of playfulness in the context of expert evaluations, and a questionnaire called PLEXQ has been developed and validated. In this workshop, we will do a hands-on idea generation exercise using the PLEX Cards.